Prarie Haven Doodles



Paris is a CKC registered Miniature poodle!  She comes from all health tested and champion blood lines.  Her sweet disposition and personality make for amazing family dogs!



CKC registered Miniature Schnauzer!  Tommy is a specialty breed of schnauzer bred for his small size, super coat, and great coloring!  He comes from champion blood lines and is fully health tested!



Our Schnoodles are bred for health and temperament as well as beauty!  They are just under a medium size dog and are hypoallergenic!  They do not shed and we breed for the most amazing sweet temperaments!  Check below for upcoming litters!

LONDON Miniature Poodle Stud


London is a CKC Registered Miniature Poodle bred specifically for his amazing disposition!  He is as sweet and calm as they come and extremely intelligent!


London has an incredible coat that does not matt easily and is easy to care for! Hard to find in poodles!  He has great conformations and face structure as well as amazing ear set!


London comes from champion pedigree that goes back many many generations!  

London is available to Stud year round.

Please contact us at the contact info below to make arrangements.

Expected Litters

TOMMY + PARIS due APRIL 15 2018

We are proud to announce the upcoming litter of schnoodles due APRIL 15 2018!  These are no ordinary schnoodles!  We breed from CKC CHAMPION Dogs who are bred for health, for their amazing coats and tempermant! You get what you pay for!  These puppies not only will be gorgeous, but a nice small to medium size, amazing coat, non-shedding and will have amazing companion dispositions!

Keep checking back! We will post pictures and info about available puppies as soon as they arrive!